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"The 50th Anniversary of the First Protein X-Ray Photo: (1984, 1934) A Historical Ethnography in Molecular Biology" (Social Epistemology, vol. 7, (1992) no. 4 oct-dec.) - A special issue including this essay, three commentaries, Pnina's reply to each commentator, and Editor's introduction. La Mise en Memoire de la Science: Pour une Ethnographie Historique des Rites Commemoratifs, sous la direction de Pnina G. Abir-Am, (Paris: Editions des Archives Contemporaines, 1998). Commemorative Practices in Science: Historical Perspectives on the Politics of Collective Memory (Univ. of Chicago Press, 2000), as vol. 14 of OSIRIS - TOC; eds. Pnina Abir-Am and Clark A. Elliott. Reviewed in BJHS 34:4 (2001); Isis 92:3 (2001).

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