Why Seek Us: our unique experience

Scientific Legacies's unique experience and intellectual property enables it to produce lasting commemorative outcomes that deliver substantive value. They can be tailored for your institution, distinguished colleagues, or the scientific discoveries close to your heart. Our experience includes:

  1. Staff of committed historians of science and associates with experience in analyzing, planning, and advising on commemorative events. (See About Us)
  2. A critical historical analysis of a wide range of scientific commemorations over the past two centuries, as reflected in reviews of major events (see under publications, analytical reviews of commemorative volumes)
  3. First hand experience as participant/observer at numerous commemorative events, ranging from "DNA at 50" in both UK and US to the centennial of the Pasteur Institute in France.
  4. Extensive experience with archival research in numerous scientific repositories, ranging from the American Philosophical Society Library, to the Rockefeller Archive Center, the Wellcome Library in London, the Pasteur Institute's Archives, among others.
  5. Recorded oral history with over 100 well known scientists, including Nobel Laureates.
  6. Annotated secondary literature on commemorative practices in science and society world-wide, in several languages

What Scientific Legacies can do for you



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