Appendix 4:

Examples of typical anniversary volumes followed by references to historical/ ethnographic analysis; and/or reviews.

  1. Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and The Age of DNA. (A volume in honor of the 50th anniversary of the double helix and the 75th anniversary of Jim Watson) edited by John Inglis et al. (New York, 2003) (review) P.G. Abir-Am, "Watson's World", American Scientist, May-June 2004, 266-68; <>. PDF.
  2. Origins of Molecular Biology, A Tribute to Jacques Monod (memorial volume following Monod's premature death in 1976), edited by Andre Lwoff and Agnes Ullmann. (New York, 1979; Paris, 1980; Baltimore, 2004) (essay review) P.G. Abir-Am, "How scientists view their heroes", J. Hist. Biol. 1982, 185-315.
  3. Structural Chemistry and Molecular Biology (a volume in honor of Linus Pauling's 65th anniversary), edited by Alex Rich and Norman Davidson (San Francisco: Freeman, 1968)
  4. Structural Studies of Biological Compounds. (A volume in honor of Dorothy Hodgkin) edited by Guy Dodson, Jenny Pickworh Glusker and David Sayre. (Oxford, 1981)
  5. The 50th anniversary of the First Protein X-ray Photo. (Conference held in Cambridge/UK, 1984) [historical and ethnographic analysis] P.G. Abir-Am, "...Toward a Historical Ethnography of Scientific Anniversaries", Social Epistemology, vol. 7 (1992), special issue.
  6. Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology. (A volume in honor of Max Delbruck's 60th anniversary) edited by John Cairns, Gunther Stent and James D. Watson, New York, 1966) [historical and ethnographic analysis]****
  7. Microbes and Life. (A volume in honor of Andre Lwoff's 50th anniversary as a Pasteurien) edited by Jacques Monod and Ernest Borek. (New York, 1971) [historical and ethnographic analysis] P.G. Abir-Am, "The first American and French commemorations in molecular biology: From collective memory to comparative history" in Abir-Am & Elliott (eds.) Commemorative Practices in Science: Historical Perspectives on the Politics of Collective Memory (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000), 324-372.



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