Appendix 2:

Prior experience with major scientific commemorations (selected)

  1. DNA at 50: The 50th anniversary of DNA structure. [2003] - see Appendix 3.
  2. The 50th anniversary of the first protein X-ray photo. [1984] special issue of Social Epistemology, London, #4, 1992 including commentaries and replies.
  3. Jacques Monod's (1910-1976) memorial volume. [1979, 1980] Essay review, 1982.
  4. The first anniversaries of molecular biology in US and France. see Commemorative Practices in Science (University of Chicago Press, 2000) 324-372.
  5. A comparative analysis of international scientific anniversaries: (Ibid. Intro. 1-34)
  6. A comparative analysis of French scientific anniversaries, (Introduction to La Mise en Memoire de la Science (Paris, 1998), including:
  7. Centennial of Einstein's 1905 discoveries. [2005] programs; participant observation at a Science Museum fund raiser, Boston, March 2004; systematic document collection.
  8. Centennial of Einstein's birth. [1979] collection of key documents in English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew.
  9. The 200th and 250th anniversaries of Columbia University. [1954, 2004] archival research in Columbiana; comparative analysis in progress of key documents, website, products.
  10. Centennial of the Nobel Prize. [2001] participation in conference at CHF, Philadelphia; see also Nobel at 100 at the Exploratorium.
  11. Centennial of the American Physical Society. [1998] research grant from CHP-AIP.
  12. The 50th anniversary of CNRS. [1989] invited participant; analysis in progress of 7 issues.
  13. The 50th anniversary of the Ford Foundation. [1998] analysis in progress of 10 booklets.



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