Appendix 1:

Commemorative options offered by Scientific Legacies

Further details available in a 20 slide PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Commemorative publications: (including archival documents, historical-analytical essays, recorded oral history, and multi-media visuals)
  2. Commemorative CD/s including a whole version or selected segments of 1); major advantages in distribution, sound and visual authenticity, portability.
  3. Interactive web site/s enabling student, alumni, and public participation in shaping the commemorative agenda.
  4. International Conferences with/out proceedings, on pertinent themes and participants, as well as a balance between local and global contexts.
  5. Educational materials designed to encourage recruitment to science; ranging rom new courses to pedagogical adaptations of discovery accounts and imaginative encounters with historical events, figures, and discoveries.
  6. Play/s (dramatizations of key moments in your institutional or personal history, along the lines of Copenhagen, Better Genes, Oxygen)
  7. Film/s, and TV series (from 20 minute documentaries to longer features) revolving around an exciting unit of action such as a multiple discovery, a major controversy, a period of great achievement or decline in the lifetime of an institution, or unique personalities of neglected science pioneers, such as im/migrant, ethnic, colonial, female, among other once marginalized figures.



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